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Sun Mountain Zen Handbook (a useful guide to practicing with SMZ)

Teisho and Dharma Talks:

Teisho on Case 1 of the Gateless Gate: ‘Joshu’s Mu’ 30/04/2022 (recording) Roshi Cecilie Lander

Reflection on Roselyn Stone Roshi, Winding Road, Straight Path 26.1.2022
Roshi Cecilie Lander

Teisho on case 29 of the Hidden Lamp Collection 25.1.2022 Teacher Sue Wolter

Teisho on Case 8 of the Hidden Lamp Collection 24.1.2022 Teacher Richard Herps

Zazen: Sitting Meditation Timely Reminders Roshi Mervyn Lander

Teisho 7-09-2021 Of Radical Acceptance and Zen Strategies  Roshi Cecilie Lander

Teisho from November Kenilworth Zenkai ‘Ordinary Mind is the Way’ Teacher Sue Wolter

Dharma Talk 8-11-21 Touching on silence, sitting, breathing, Mu and not thinking Teacher Richard Herps

Dharma Talk 1-11-21 On Zen and Social Engagement  Teacher Richard Warner

Dharma Talk on Zen and Ethics Teacher Richard Warner


Older newsletters with details of SMZ history: 

June 2013 – SMZ June 2013 newsletter

October 2012 – SMZ October 2012 Newsletter


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