Sangha Fee structure

Sun Mountain Zen charges a standard suggested membership fee and individual suggested event fees. Where necessary, concessional fees are available.

As stated above, so that all students are able to participate in Zen practice, the Sangha will endeavor to sponsor a participant where the concessional fee is unable to be met.

All financial contributions by members will be held, as much as practical, confidential between the treasurer and the individual member.

Financial contributions to Sun Mountain Zen conform to the following options:

Annual membership fees (1 January to 31 December)

Inclusive Option

Inclusive option is $530 per year. (or $44.20 monthly)

It includes:

  • Membership and voting rights for SMZ INC
  • Dokusan (individual interviews with your teacher)
  • Weekly sitting fees (Aspley, East Brisbane, Samford, Kenilworth)
  • A discount of $100.00 on Sesshin fees

Membership Only Option

Membership only option is $290 per year. Membership can be paid in full, or monthly ($24.20) by transfer to our bank account.

Membership only option includes:

  • Membership and voting rights for SMZ
  • Dokusan (individual interviews with your teacher)
  • Does not include evening sitting fee
  • Does not qualify for Sesshin discount

Casual weekly Sitting fee for East Brisbane Samford and Kenilworth

  • $5 per week

Individual Events

  • Day retreat or Zenkai $30.00 excluding food.
  • Two-day retreat or intensive $ 270.00 includes food and sleepover.
  • Sesshins, to be confirmed depending on venue

Payment method

Preferably, all payments should be deposited directly to Sun Mountain Zen’s Bank Account.

Please ensure that you include the description of your payment or event with any deposit you make.

Name of Account: Sun Mountain Zen
Account Number: 10166486
BSB: 064 163
Reference: Your name followed by payment description