July 1st Zenkai – Exploring Dogen’s ‘Fukan Zazengi’ (Recommending Zazen to all people)

All are welcome to attend Saturday June 1 Zenkai in person and online via Zoom 9.00 a.m.-12 p.m. at St Paul’s East Brisbane Church Hall 554 Vulture St East Brisbane, after which we will have a shared lunch.

At this Zenkai, we will explore Dogen’s ‘Fukan Zazengi’ or ‘Recommending Zazen to All People’, a short 13th century text by the famous founder of the Japanese Soto school. It provides a valuable introduction to sitting meditation and is one of Dogen’s more accessible writings.

For the dharma talk, a short introduction to Dogen will be given, after which participants will be invited to reflect on their experience of sitting with the text. This will be done as a group using a contemplative reading method. No need to prepare and beginners welcome! 

No right or wrong answers – just your answers; silence is welcome – above all it will be fun!

The event will conclude at 12:00 followed by lunch (please bring your own or something to share) and the event will not, as per our usual schedule, incorporate an afternoon session.

  • email sunmountainzen@gmail.com to let us know if you are coming or for the zoom link.
  • A standard retreat schedule can be found here introduction to meditation will be part of this retreat.
  • Cost is by Dana/donation