Mini Sesshin 

In Home and Online via Zoom- Schedule TBA 

(Schedule below is indivcative from previous years)


05:00 pm    Arrive and Set up Zendo

05:30 pm    Evening meal

06.25 pm    Enter Zendo

06.30 pm    Sitting begins

07.30 pm    Introduction to Sesshin, new people are requested to attend.


08.40 pm    Closing Recitations


Saturday and Sunday

05.25 am    Drum/bell

05.30 am    Rise (hand bell)

05.55 am    Enter Zendo

06.00 am    Sitting begins

06.30 am    Dokusan begins

07.20 am    Dokusan ends

07.30 am    Morning Recitation

07.45 am    Breakfast followed by Samu (work period)

08.45 am    Samu ends followed by morning break

09.25 am    Enter Zendo

09.30 am    Sitting begins

10.00 am    Teisho followed by sitting

12:00 pm    Midday meal followed by lunch break

01.55 pm    Enter Zendo

02.00 pm    Sitting begins

03.00 pm    Dokusan begins

04.30 pm    Dokusan ends

04.40 pm    Afternoon Recitations

05.00 pm    Evening meal followed by evening break

06.25 pm    Enter Zendo

06.30 pm    Sitting begins

07.00 pm    Dokusan begins

08.30 pm    Dokusan ends

08.45 pm    Closing Recitations

09.00 pm    Bed


05.25 am    Drum/bell

05.30 am    Rise (hand bell)

05.55 am    Enter Zendo

06.00 am    Sitting begins              

06.30 am    Dokusan

07.20 am    Dokusan ends

Close    Closing remarks and Closing Ceremony / Final Clean Up

09.00 am – 11.00 am    Brunch / gathering

Final Clean up

11.00 am    Home

Mini Sesshin

Information sheet 

Please fill in a registration form listed at the bottom of the retreat drop down menu.

Fees: $90 per day (or part thereof) includes all meals and other costs.
Half price concession for full time students and pensioners. See note below.
Those participating for only part of the Sesshin, please pay a proportion of the costs.[if wishing to calculate part-day divide day into 3 sessions i.e. first session = start of day – breakfast second session = after breakfast until lunch, third session = from lunch until close of day).
Note: All fees can be paid on the day or deposited into our bank account as below.
As per our policy, no one is excluded from attending our events based on the inability to pay.
Further concessions are available upon request.
Lunch: Non vegetarian, please advise of any allergies or food restrictions.
Registration: Please fill in the on-line registration form
Location: Unless otherwise stated North Brisbane Zendo. Full details will be given after your RSVP.
What to bring: Loose fitting clothing that is modest, neutral in colour  and that can be layered such as cardigans or shawls.  Chairs, meditation stools, meditation cushions and mats will be provided.
  If overnighting, please bring sleeping bag, mattress and toiletries.
Cancellations: The Sesshin can be cancelled at short notice. Please keep an eye on our website. If RSVP’d notice will be given and a full refund provided.

Banking details:    

Name of Account: Sun Mountain Zen
Account Number: 10166486
BSB: 064 163
Reference: Your name followed by Zenkai or Zen lectures