Indicative dates for 2023 Sesshin are 5th to 10th September – to be confirmed. Details of previous years Sesshin are below for your information and these details will be updated once 2023 venue and timing is confirmed.

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Registration for the 2022 Sesshin is now open.

Sesshin [literally to ‘touching the heart-mind’] is our week-long annual retreat and the highlight of our event calendar. All students of Sun Mountain Zen are invited to participate. The venue is Kenilworth Zendo. Non-students of Sun Mountain Zen may participate depending on meditation experience. Please consult with a teacher first before applying to participate. (Please note: as Sesshin requires a minimum number of participants to proceed, it may be postponed or cancelled if insufficient registrants at time of due-date. In this unlikely event all registrants will be advised and offered full-refund).

In person and online

(Schedule TBA – an indicative schedule from previous year only below for your information)


Schedule: As below
Teachers: Cecilie Lander, Mervyn Lander, Sue Wolter, Richard Herps & Richard Warner
When: Sunday the 11th to Friday the 16th September, 2022.
Where: Kenilworth
Cost: $330 or as can afford
What to bring: Loose fitting warm clothing that is neutral in colour and that can be layered such as cardigans or jumpers. Please bring a shawl or blanket. Meditation mats, cushions, stools and chairs will be provided. Please bring your own bedding, details will be mailed to you.
Registration: Please fill in the on-line registration form
Cancellation: Registration closes 1st September and there may be limitations in numbers who can attend due to Covid.


Banking details:      

Name of Account: Sun Mountain Zen
Account number: 10166486
BSB: 064 163
Reference: Please insert your name followed by 2020 Sesshin t 

Sesshin Schedule (example)

Sunday 11th September

03.00 pm Arrival and set up of Zendo

05.00 pm Dinner

06.30 pm Induction

07.30 pm Sitting

08.30 pm bed

 Monday 12th to Thursday 15th August

05.25 am    Drum Bell

05.55 am    Enter Zendo

06.00 am    Sitting begins

06.25 am    Kinhin

06.30 am    Sitting with dokusan

06.55 am    Kinhin

07.00 am    Sitting with dokusan

07.25 am    Kinhin

07.30 am    Morning Recitation

07.45 am    Breakfast

08.15 am    Samu (work period)

08.45 am    Samu ends

09.25 am    Enter Zendo

09.30 am    Sitting

09.48 am    Kinhin and set up for Teisho

10.00 am    Teisho

10.45 am    Kinhin

10.50 am    Sitting

11.15 am    Kinhin

11.20 am    Sitting

11.45 am    Kinhin

11.50 am    Sitting

12.00 pm    Lunch / Break / showers / optional sitting

01.55 pm    Enter Zendo

02.00 pm    Sitting

02.25 pm    Kinhin

02.30 pm    Sitting

02.55 pm    Kinhin

03.00 pm    Sitting begins with dokusan

03.25 pm    Kinhin/ stretching / Break / dokusan continues

03.45 pm    Sitting / dokusan

04.10 pm    Kinhin

04.15 pm    Sitting

04.40 pm    Afternoon recitations

05.00 pm    Evening meal followed by evening break

06.25 pm    Enter Zendo

06.30 pm    Sitting begins

06.55 pm    Kinhin

07.00 pm    Sitting with dokusan

07.25 pm    Kinhin

07.30 pm    Sitting with dokusan

07.55 pm    Kinhin

08.00 pm    Sitting with dokusan

08.25 pm    Closing recitation

Friday  16th of September

05.25 am    Drum Bell

05.55 am    Enter Zendo

06.00 am    Sitting begins

06.25 am    Kinhin

06.30 am    Sitting with sosan dokusan

06.55 am    Kinhin

07.00 am    Sitting with sosan dokusan

07.25 am    Kinhin

07.30 am    Closing ceremony

08.15 am    Samu (work period)

09.00 am    Samu ends

10.00 am    Brunch

011.00 am    Final clean up

12.00 pm    home