Flexi Sesshin

    Sesshin [lit. “to touch the heart-mind”] is an intensive several-day residential program of Zen practice.

    The Sun Mountain Zen Flexi-Sesshin is held each year in January following Christmas New Year public holidays. Whilst maximum participation in any Sesshin is to be encouraged, the usual requirement for full attendance at Sesshin is waived in favour of flexibility of attendance so the meditation periods may be integrated with the normal activities of the week including work and family events.

    Morning and evening sitting occur daily. Some days will have a typical Sesshin format for those who are able to attend; for others, attendance in modules according to your personal needs is available. Do please respect others need to sit and only enter the Zendo during kin-hin. As usual, you are welcome to sleep over!

    Flexi-sesshin offers a time for intensive practice and daily access to your teacher for regular dokusan.   Invigorating Zen practice is an excellent way to begin the New Year.

    The 2019 Flexi-Sesshin:

    ·          starts on Tuesday the 22nd of January
    ·          there will be a visit to Goma (Tues 22nd)
    ·          finishes Mid-Morning (circa 9.00 a.m.) on Saturday 26th of January with a Family Brunch (all are welcome to brunch regardless of participation in Sesshin and families also welcome).

    General Information


    Costs are suggested donations and include food and availability to overnight at the Zendo.
    Please bring your own bedding and toiletries.

    $90.00 per day or part thereof (full-fee paying)
    $45.00 per day concession or as one can afford.

    • Method of calculation: if attending part day please divide day in to quarters to calculate cost. e.g. 1) Early morning until breakfast, 2) after breakfast until lunch, 3) after lunch until dinner, 4) after dinner until bed time.

    • N.B it is our policy that no one should miss the opportunity to participate in events due to monetary constraints.


    Aspley Zendo.  The address will be given upon registration.

    Retreat Registration

    (please respond to the following questions via our web form http://sunmountainzen.org.au/retreat-registration/ or directly to this email address)

    First name of applicant (required)
    Last name of applicant (required)
    Street number and name
    Suburb or city
    Email address (required)
    Phone (mobile)
    Phone (home)
    Payment Method (required)

    Indicate either ‘Full Sesshin’ or list individual days and sitting periods attending

    Indicate if sleeping over

    Please list any special requests


    Fees:    We ask that all fees are paid directly into our bank account or at the event in either cash or by cheque.

    Banking Details

    Name of Account:    Sun Mountain Zen
    Account Number:    10166486
    BSB:    064 163
    Reference:    Your name followed by name of event.

    Half price for students, unemployed or pensioners. If further concessions are required, please advise in the ‘special request’ box above so our treasurer can discuss this with you. Please indicate if concessions apply or if you would like to speak to our treasurer.

    Cancellations:    Events may be cancelled at any time and a refund of any deposit may be given.

    More information:    Please contact our secretary through our e-mail box on this web site or speak to any of our teachers.


    Tuesday is flexible with no formal activity during the day. Wednesday to Saturday morning schedule will be as per Sesshin schedule but variable participation will be permitted. There will be either a Dharma talk or Teisho and group discussion in both mornings and evenings of each day relating to retreat theme which is: ‘remembering Roshi Bernie Glassman and the legacy of the Zen Peacemakers’.

    Tue 22nd January

    (Likely day time visit to GOMA)

    5.00 pm:  Dinner

    6.30 pm: Zazen

    7.00 pm: Dokusan

    8.20 pm:  Chants and Day’s End – unless otherwise advised

    Daily Schedule for Wed 23rd, Thur 24th, & Friday 25th 

    5.25 am          Drum/bell

    5.30 am          Rise

    5.55 am          Enter Zendo

    6.00 am          Sitting begins

    6.30 am          Dokusan begins (First and last of sesshin are sozan – come in order)

    7.20 am          Dokusan ends

    7.30 am          Morning Recitation

    7.45 am          Breakfast – Followed immediately by samu

    8.45 am          Samu ends.Listen for signal – a run on the clappers.

    9.25 am          Enter Zendo

    9.30 am          Sitting begins.

    10.00 am       Teisho, followed by sitting

    11.50 am        Kinhin

    12.noon         Midday meal – Free sitting – Tea available

    1.55 pm          Enter Zendo

    2.00 pm         Sitting begins

    3.00 pm         Dokusan begins

    4.30 pm         Dokusan ends

    4.40 pm         Afternoon Recitations

    5.00 pm         Evening meal – Free sitting – Tea available.

    6.25 pm          Enter Zendo

    6.30 pm          Sitting begins

    7.00 pm          Dokusan begins

    8.30 pm          Dokusan ends

    8.35 pm          Closing Recitations

    Satruday 26th January

    5.25 am          Drum/bell

    5.30 am          Rise

    5.55 am          Enter Zendo

    6.00 am          Sitting begins

    6.30 am          Dokusan

    7.30 am         Closing remarks – Closing Ceremony

    Samu Clean Up

    9.00 am         Brunch / gathering / final clean up

    11.30 am       Approximate home time