Flexi Sesshin 2024 (18-21 January)

Flexi Sesshin 2024

Thursday 18th of January – Sunday 21st January
(In person and online)

Sesshin (lit: to touch the heart-mind) is a period of intensive meditation practice and training. For this new year event, participation is ‘Flexi’ – designed to enable integration with daily life.

Flexi Sesshin 2024 will begin Thursday 18th of January with a day-time trip to the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) to see the exhibition ‘Fairy Tales’. From Thursday evening – Sunday 21st, it will follow the usual Sesshin retreat schedule – though will allow for flexible attendance. The event will conclude by 11:00 a.m. Sunday 21st January. Further details to be found directly below:

  1. Commence Thursday 18th January with GOMA Guide (attendees are to be at GOMA at 12.30pm)
  2. Welcome to arrive at Aspley zendo on morning of Thursday 18th [or at other times as arranged with Cecilie]
  3. Thursday night 18th – Sunday morning 21st sitting to usual Sesshin schedule followed by Brunch, finish by 11 am.
  4. Applications to Cecilie cecilielander@bigpond.com, 0408788882

The retreat is in person and online and the venue is in Brisbane and allows for on site accommodation. Venue address will be provided upon registration with Roshi Cecilie Lander. Please contact Cecilie if you plan to attend and to  indicate the days and times you plan to attend.