To start your Zen practice with Sun Mountain Zen, here are some suggestions for your next steps.


Attend a weekly evening program either in East Brisbane or Kenilworth and ask for a basic introduction to Zen practice.

Participate in a meditation / zazen period following the introduction.  Question and answer sessions as well as dharma talks are held every two weeks.


After having participated in a few weekly evening programs, consider attending the Introduction to Zen lectures.

Establish a daily home practice.

Meet with a teacher in a face to face meeting to discuss your practice in more detail.

Participate in a one-day Zenkai.


Commit to a consistent daily practice at home.

Regularly participate at the weekly zazen / meditation program.

Become a formal Zen student allowing a deepening of practice and the possibility of regular Koan practice.

Regularly participate in intensive programs like Sesshins.

Become a financial member of Sun Mountain Zen.