Brisbane based Sun Mountain Zen offers weekly meditation practice in East Brisbane and Kenilworth on the Sunshine Coast. We also provide comprehensive introductory lectures for beginners and monthly meditation retreats.

Sun Mountain Zen is an intentional Community of Zen practitioners guided by authorised teachers Mervyn Lander Goun-Ken, Cecilie Lander Goen-An, Sue Wolter, Richard Herps and Richard Warner.

Our practice combines elements of both Rinzai and Soto Zen traditions and as such includes Zazen and Koan Practice.

Sun Mountain Zen is a not for profit organisation whose aim is to provide authentic Zen training to all who are interested.

Zen meditation is a non-religious contemplative practice and everyone is welcome irrespective of whether they have a specific religious affiliation or none.

COVID-19 Update:

  • Please note that many events have been moved online with some being held face to face when restrictions allow. If in doubt, please e-mail
  • For regular updates subscribe to our email by clicking this link and signing up: SMZ Mailing List 

  • Wednesday night in-person sitting is back at St Paul’s East Brisbane 554 Vulture St from 10th August 2022 6:45 -8:30 pm.
  • Monthly Saturday Zenkai  (first Saturday of each month). For zoom please use the same link as for Monday nights or contact us to request link.

Resources to support your participation in online events and daily practice:

SMZ Chant Sheet   (For Monday Evening and Saturday Zenkai)

Sitting Meditation (Zazen) Reminders 

We invite existing and new friends to join us – instruction available on request.