woodInside-Zen Prison program

Sun Mountain Zen offers a mindfulness program at a Correctional Centre. Meditation has long been recognised as an effective discipline and mindfulness practice that, when exercised on a regular basis, enhances practitioners ability to self regulate impulses and recognise mental conditioning. Meditation and Mindfulness training as a rehabilitation practice is designed to focus on the ability to self-control and to mitigate harmful impulses regardless of a practitioners raw intelligence or IQ.

Sun Mountain Zen also teaches a Self and Social Awareness course to Prisoners. This program is a mindfulness-based emotional intelligence course specifically addressing self-transformation and personal development for incarcerated adults and youth.

The curriculum, which has been designed by the Prison Mindfulness Institute in the United States, teaches the following modules:

  • Mindfulness practices.
  • Resourcing self when triggered through state shifting.
  • Understanding physical and emotional pain.
  • How to change habitual roles.
  • Taking radical responsibility and shifting our allegiance away from being right.
  • Justifying and blaming.
  • Choosing empowering roles in relationships.
  • Nonviolent communication.
  • Transforming conflict
  • The power of forgiveness
  • Mindful living.


This course compliments the weekly Zen meditation practice and offers practical tools to integrate mindfulness in the daily routine of a prisoner.