Glen Wolter

Dear All SMZ Members and Friends,

As you probably already know, our beloved teacher, friend, and mentor in Sun Mountain Zen, Glen Wolter is very ill.

Glen is lovingly cared for, 24/7, by Sue who is constantly at his side and by a supportive family network comprising their children and extended family as well as receiving local palliative care support at home in Kenilworth. Maureen is also giving great support to Sue as well as to Glen.

We (Merv and Cecilie) visited Glen and Sue at Kenilworth during the first week of October 2017. We found Glen to be frail but at peace.

He especially wanted us to convey his love and good wishes to the Sangha.  Glen says that Zen is invaluable, “It changed my life”.

A recent dialogue on 19th September 2017 will suitably close this email message and will be a reminder of just why we at SMZ love this man and his teaching:

Glen has been working with Cecilie on Koan 20 Miscellaneous.  He sent this email to Cecilie:

Koan 20 from the Miscellaneous:

“All the Buddhas and the Buddha’s dharma of the Supreme Way
Arise from this sutra.”

What is “this sutra?”

Still working on it
Still breathing


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